The Boys Season 3: 10 Shocking Comic Book Moments That Must Happen

9. The G-Men Massacre

The Boys
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With Disney's purchase of 20th Century Fox and the rights to finally incorporate mutants into the MCU, the timing couldn't be better for The Boys to introduce us to its own interpretation of Professor Xavier and the gang.

Similar to the X-Men, the aptly named G-Men is a superhero group employed by Vought America that is described as more of a safe haven for young supes that have runaway from home. Because of this incredible story of theirs, the group becomes one of Vought's most popular properties and their master, John Godolkin, makes a name for himself as a saint.

As it turns out, the fabricated origins of the group masked a horrifying secret. John Godolkin had actually kidnapped the initial members at a very young age and injected them with Compound V until their powers had been successfully triggered. And worse yet, the reason behind Godolkin wanting to work with children had more to do with his deviant sexual preferences than anything else.

It was his creation of a preschooler supergroup called Pre-Wiz that was the final straw for Butcher and The Boys, who planned to take him out once and for all. Surprisingly, Vought had similar ideas and sent in Red River operatives to massacre the G-Men in the worst way possible just before the big showdown.

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