The Boys Season 3: Every Character Ranked Worst To Best

The best and worst of The Boys, The Seven, and beyond.

The Boys Soldier Boy Homelander

The driving force of any great TV show is its characters, and The Boys features one of the most compelling ensembles on the small screen, a fact that has become even clearer with its most recent season.

From haunted vigilantes to villains masquerading as beloved heroes and senators hiding a deadly secret, The Boys' third season has offered audiences its most diverse and well developed characters yet, including a host of newcomers and old faces who've never been more exciting to watch.

Given all the action-packed twists and turns that this season has hit us with, it's safe to say these characters have gone through a lot, and have in the process become richer and more complex people. Some are more compelling than others, true, but no character on this list has had a bad season.

With that in mind, from the eponymous team of supe-hunting vigilantes to the heroes trying desperately to hold onto their power and reputations, here are the main characters of The Boys' brilliant third season ranked worst to best.

Be warned, though: This article contains major spoilers for all three seasons of The Boys.

15. The Deep

The Boys Soldier Boy Homelander

Since the first season, The Deep has always felt a little bit outside the main drama of the show, at first losing his spot on the fabled supe team The Seven and then going on a winding journey of self-discovery that's actually turned him into an even worse version of himself.

Season three is no different, and because there are so many characters to juggle he feels even more left behind. Attempting to find a way back into Homelander's good graces whilst hiding his some horrible personal secrets, this season hasn't hit us with much new.

That's not necessarily a bad thing; his pathetic desire to be liked and his aggravating need to reinvent himself as a spiritual good guy often lead to solid (if awkward) laughs, and he's such a sexist, lying little weasel he's one of the show's best love-to-hate-them players.

That being said, season four will have to do something new with The Deep, because he's dangerously close to running out of steam.

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