The Expanse: Ranking The Main Characters From Worst To Best

Ranking the best Earthers, Martians and Beltalowda in all the Expanse.

The Expanse
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The Expanse just wrapped up its action packed fifth season which set up interesting situations and ideas for the crew of the Rocinante for the show's final season. A broad and vast world, The Expanse boasts a large cast of different backgrounds and cultures that makes for one of the most diverse ensembles on television today.

Whether they're an Earther, a Martian or a Belter, each character is unique and complex in their own right that help to create a varied collection of individuals. With the Belter war heating up and the returning Protomolecule threat, each character has different allegiances and loyalties to consider which makes the politics of the show so interesting.

From a determined Earther captain running from his past, to a patriotic Martian marine who has the singular drive of the dream of Mars to a member of the radical Outer Planets Alliance (OPA), there are so many uniquely different characters to be found in the Expanse. While the story is engaging and the visuals are exciting, it is the characters that will make you stay and immerse yourself in the world of the show.

20. Julie Mao

Julie Mao The Expanse
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Despite being credited in appearing in as many as 25 episodes, Julie Mao only makes a handful of brief appearances on the show. That doesn't make her any less important however, as her actions and subsequent disappearance set all the events of the Expanse into motion.

Daughter of the rich and powerful Jules-Pierre Mao, Julie rebelled against her father and fell in with the OPA and Anderson Dawes in an attempt to help the Belt. Unfortunately for her, she runs into the Protomolecule and ends up infecting the whole station of Eros in the process.

Detective Miller spends most of the first season looking for Julie and Holden is unknowingly doing the same. She is the crux of all early developments and when she melds with the Protomolecule on Eros, she almost destroys Earth by flying the asteroid station into it. That being said, Julie isn't given nearly enough screen time to care about her character and any emotion we do feel for her is thanks to the connection she has with Joe Miller.

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