The Expanse: Ranking The Main Characters From Worst To Best

19. Anna Volovodov

Julie Mao The Expanse
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The Reverend Doctor Anna Volovodov only appears in one season of the show and could've done with an expanded arc in later seasons. In a universe where space travel was a given and alien lifeforms are slowly being discovered, it was an interesting perspective to showcase a character of a deeply spiritual and faithful background.

Volovodov is first introduced as a speech writer for Secretary-General Gillis as he wanted a more passive and reassuring tone. She soon becomes opposed to his seemingly violent and aggressive political moves against Mars which leads her to ousting Sadavir Errinwright as a traitor with the help of Chrisjen Avasarala.

As the power dynamics on Earth then shift, Anna travels to space on a U.N. mission to engage with the newly formed and awakened alien ring gate. As her ship suffers the protective measures of the ring, Volovodov makes herself useful by seeing to the wounded while having a slight (but not necessarily unwelcome) crisis of faith. Volovodov could've been used more and her experiences developed to a greater extent in a later season but unfortunately, her conclusion feels unsatisfactory.

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