The Expanse Season 5 Lands - 5 Reasons To Be Excited

4. Amos’s Past Is Explored

Amos The Expanse Season 5

Amos Burton is a man of many apparent contradictions: His ability to casually suggest everything from mayhem to murder is constantly at odds with his calm, earnest demeanor. The term “enigma” doesn’t seem to apply to him, either, given that his actions and motivations are usually predictable and appreciable, even if they’re rooted in logic that most people wouldn’t allow themselves to consider. In stark contrast to this open-book mentality, though, Amos’s history remains all but entirely shrouded, with the only hint at its true nature being a single line uttered by journalist Monica Stuart: “I did talk to some locals, though, and they told me about a guy who was also named ‘Amos Burton,’ who was some sort of mob boss… but that couldn’t be you, right, because you left the city when you were fifteen?”

Season 5 will see Amos returning to his roots in Baltimore, with the trailer indicating that a fair amount of violence will be waiting for him there (and perhaps even be brought there by him). This will be the first time that viewers get to watch the man as a free agent, with no guiding hand other than his own. Previously, the presence of either Naomi Nagata or James Holden served as a tempering influence, but with neither one of them at Amos’s side, his darker tendencies may take over.

It looks as though his arrival on Earth is expected, too, given that a character played by Frankie Faison – possibly Charles Jacob Allen – expresses that he has been waiting, albeit for a long time. Whoever this man is, it’s a safe bet to say that he has a strong connection to the “business” that attracts Chrisjen Avasarala’s attention… and as the situation unfolds, expect to learn everything about who Amos truly is, how he came to become such a curious individual, and even his real name.

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