The Expanse Season 5 Lands - 5 Reasons To Be Excited

3. Drummer Is Unleashed

The Expanse

From the time of her first appearance on our screens, Camina Drummer has always been second to someone, even when she has technically been in command. Moreover, whether she has been serving as the Chief of Security on Tycho Station or the duly assigned captain of Medina Station (where she was still reporting to Fred Johnson), the hardened woman with the unplaceable accent has made largely reactionary moves, preferring to respond to challenges rather than actively seek them out. With the swift changes sweeping through the solar system, though, the opportunity is fast arising for Drummer to come in to her own.

Season 4 saw Drummer having confrontations with Klaes Ashford – and by indirect extension, with Anderson Dawes – but the former individual eventually came to be seen as an ally instead of an adversary. By the time of his death, Ashford almost seemed to feel more allegiance toward Drummer than he did to anyone else, which served as a testament to her leadership abilities. Now with Ashford gone, Johnson otherwise occupied, and Inaros wreaking havoc with his newly declared Free Navy, an ever-increasing amount of responsibility is falling on Drummer’s shoulders.

It’s under that weight that Drummer truly thrives, however, and these rising stakes will see her coming into her own. With only her personal judgment to guide her, with no overseers to whom she needs to report, and with the walls closing in (as more and more of the fracturing OPA falls in line behind Inaros), expect to see new fire, fury, and force being offered being offered as Drummer starts flying by her own compass.

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