The Falcon & The Winter Soldier: 8 Characters Who Could Still Appear

Could there be more from Wakanda and another name to cross off Bucky's list?

Black Panther Bucky Shuri
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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier - the MCU's second series to come to Disney+ - is now four episodes in, and has only gotten better and better.

The show's depiction of legacy and history, and the different perspectives of good and bad have allowed it to stand out and live up to all the heightened expectations that came with having to follow WandaVision.

The story that was set in Westview was completely different to what the MCU is putting out with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, but there is one thing that has stayed the same, and that is fan theories. While WandaVision may have lent itself to these kind of theories more so than any other MCU property to date, there are still plenty of predictions for what will happen before the end of Sam and Bucky's outing.

The format of weekly episodes allows fans to dissect the show more than ever before, scrutinising every little detail while looking for clues as to what they can expect in the coming episodes. As with most MCU properties, there is always the question of appearances from other characters from across the Marvel Universe.

Some predicted Isaiah's involvement before a single episode even dropped, while no one saw Ayo's episode three appearance coming. With two episodes to go, there could still be another surprise or two in terms of unexpected characters, as has been teased by showrunner Malcolm Spellman, some of which could be making their MCU return, while others could be making their franchise debut.

8. Curtiss Jackson

Black Panther Bucky Shuri
Marvel Comics

One of the biggest mysteries in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier right now is simply, who is the Power Broker? The character has been referenced only by name so far, but they have been built to be a big player in Madripoor and a definite threat to Karli Morgenthau and the Flag Smashers.

It seems certain that their identity will be revealed before the end of the series, and while many believe it could be Sharon Carter, there is no guarantee that it will actually be a shocking revelation. Just look at WandaVision and the identities of Ralph and the aerospace engineer.

The same thing could be happening here in that there won't be a huge shock, but instead the Power Broker's identity will be exactly what it was in the comics. Curtiss Jackson's story is somewhat similar to the MCU's Power Broker so far, in that he recruited a scientist to research superhuman strength, though in the comics he ended up exposing himself to these experiments, resulting in so much muscle growth that he could barely move.

While the MCU is unlikely to go into this much detail with his story, since Dr. Nagel specifically designed his serum to be subtle, and there is none of it left anyway, the Power Broker may ultimately be little more than a side story for Karli and the Flag Smashers. It's not like MCU fans haven't read too much into teases before, right?


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