The Flash Season 3: 8 Speedsters Who Should Appear

3. Max Mercury

The Flash speedsters
DC Comics

Ahead of The Flash’s third season, there’s plenty of reports out there that claim Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen will soon be getting himself a new mentor figure as part of his inner-circle.

Given how things worked out with Reverse-Flash in Season 1 and Zoom in Season 2, surely Barry is due some better luck when it comes to picking a new confidant. Whilst he's previously had his father and still has Joe West, a seasoned (and well-meaning) speedster could be just what Barry needs.

Step forward, Max Mercury, the oldest member of the comic book Flash family and someone largely depicted as the very first speedster.

Having Max be of another world, an alternative timeline or from the future may feel a little repetitive given what we’ve had already with Reverse-Flash and Zoom, but you could quite easily depict Max Mercury as having been a speedster in hiding for the past few years after deciding to take a backseat from the superhero game.

After all, in the comics he actually did something similar when he came out of retirement to help train Wally West following the death of Barry Allen.

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