The Flash Season 3: 8 Speedsters Who Should Appear

2. The Black Racer

The Flash speedsters
DC Comics

Whilst he may be unheard of to many, The Black Racer is one of the most powerful characters in the DC Universe. So powerful is he, he actually killed uber-rogue Darkseid. Y’know, the Darkseid who has been known to easily handle himself when up against the entire Justice League.

Where The Black Racer is concerned, he’s essentially DC’s version of the God of Death, stalking many a character who was about to take their final breath.

What makes this bringer-of-bad-news even more relevant to The Flash is that the spirit of The Black Racer actually possessed Barry Allen at one point and made the Scarlet Speedster the new, ominous Grim Reaper of the DC realm.

Interestingly, a mystery (and clearly evil-looking) speedster has been spotted on the set of The Flash already, with this unconfirmed character presumed to be a take on The Black Racer. What would be a nice touch, however, would be to have Zoom become a new take on this maniacal grim reaper given how his ultimate fate played out at the end of Season 2.

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