The Flash Season 6 Review: 3 Ups & 5 Downs From 'Love Is A Battlefield'

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Contains spoilers from The Flash Season 6, Episode 11.

The Flash's sixth season - and the show in general - took something of a turn in its midseason premiere, as it ventured into territory that it hasn't yet explored. That territory was, of course, post-Crisis.

Regenerated with a new sense of purpose and imbued with a new goal, it allowed Barry Allen the time he needed to comprehend Oliver Queen's sacrifice and how that ultimately gifted him with something he never thought he'd have: Time. And while he was doing that, his wife Iris West-Allen took center stage, chasing a lead that promised to tie McCulloch Tech to new villainous organisation Black Hole. Unfortunately, that lead ended with a trip to another, well, dimension.

This week's installment, 'Love Is A Battlefield' continued its predecessor's sentiment, bringing Barry and Iris together for a long overdue date night. However, when a few deadly faces made their presence felt - and Iris began exhibiting some disturbing qualities - things changed rather dramatically.

All in all, this one was a major step backwards for the show and its new direction. A fun little offering on the surface but, save for a moment or two, one that failed to offer much substance below it.

First, the negatives...

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