The Flash Season 6 Review: 5 Ups & 2 Downs From 'So Long And Goodnight'

A huge departure rocks The Flash’s excellent comeback episode.

The Flash Season 6 Joe West Barry Allen Cecile Horton
The CW

Contains spoilers from The Flash Season 6, Episode 16.

If you're struggling to remember the last time that The Flash sped his way onto your TV screen, don't worry because you're probably not the only one. The CW's annual midterm show hiatus got an unexpected extension due to everything that's happening in the world right now and, as a result, the show found itself on the wrong end of multiple delays.

But you can't keep a good speedster down, right? Yes, The Flash made its highly-anticipated comeback with an episode that picked up right where the admittedly brilliant sixth season left off, instantly throwing us back into the conspiracy-filled world of the deadly Black Hole and their working relationship with McCulloch Tech - who now had Joe West in their crosshairs.

'So Long and Goodnight' made for a refreshingly high-stakes installment that served as a fitting return for the show, reminding viewers just how deadly its new villains are while also setting up what looks to be an intriguing - though truncated - final act. With that, let's jump into it.

First, the negatives...


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