The Flash Season 6 Review: 6 Ups & 2 Downs From 'The Last Temptation Of Barry Allen, Pt. 1'

The Flash finally delves deep into Barry's fears in the best episode of the season so far.

The Flash Last Temptation Of Barry Allen

Contains spoilers from The Flash Season 6, Episode 7.

Like Arrow's final season, the majority of The Flash's sixth offering has, so far, acted as a precursor of sorts to the long-awaited Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover - and it makes sense, given that the Scarlet Speedster's show has been teasing the game-changing event for half a decade.

Barry Allen has spent the past five years with the dark future in the back of his mind, knowing that he's destined to 'vanish' in the Crisis. This season, however, it has been at the forefront of everyone's mind, as some timeline-meddling from Nora resulted in the Crisis coming forward by five years. And, as a result, both Barry and all of his loved ones have had to process the realisation that his time is limited.

After weeks of being there for everyone else, the fears and worries of his future (or lack thereof) set in for the Scarlet Speedster in 'The Last Temptation Of Barry Allen, Pt. 1', as he was offered a chance at immortality by the most unlikely of characters in an episode that seamlessly brought both of the season's main narratives together - one that was, by far, one of the best episodes of The Flash in years.

First, the negatives...

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