The Hardest It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Quiz On The Internet

How well do you really know It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia?


It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia has become a phenomenon stretching over an incredible 14 series by going against the grain of the traditional sitcom makeup, opting to take a much darker general tone.

The difference between It’s Always Sunny and other hugely successful sitcoms is simply that ‘The Gang’ generally don’t give a s**t about each other. It’s Always Sunny is essentially Friends, but on a not so healthy dose of crystal meth.

There are no happy endings or lessons to be learnt in the end, just a set of completely unapologetic characters going about wasting their lives day by day – in short, Charlie and ‘The Gang’ are entertaining a**holes.

The show is a stark contrast to the modern ultra-PC culture we live in today which gives a refreshingly risqué approach that audiences clearly love, giving light as to why IASIP has become one of the most popular and long standing shows on the box.

Call yourself a true It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia fan? How well do you really know Charlie, Mac, Dennis, Dee and Frank? Prove how well you know the most refreshing and yet offensive sitcom on television by nailing this quiz.

Answers at the end!

1. What Did Frank Claim His Boxing Nickname Was When He Was Younger?


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