The HARDEST Rachel Green Friends Quiz Ever!

How well do you really know Rach?


While it's fair to say that Rachel Green rarely tops the popularity list for Friends characters - that honour goes to Chandler, obviously - she is nevertheless one of the most unforgettable characters in the history of sitcom TV.

Played with a knowing aloofness by Jennifer Aniston, Rachel was a style icon throughout the '90s in particular - as best evidenced by her iconic self-named hairstyle - and her on-off romance with Ross (David Schwimmer) was of course the show's dramatic lynchpin.

And there's no denying that Rachel's privilege and popularity made her the butt of many of Friends' most hilarious moments over the years, even as she became more of a well-rounded and personable character as the series went on.

Across ten seasons and close to 250 episodes, how much of her escapades do you truly remember? Only the most obsessive Friends devotees have a chance of getting close to 100% on this 20-round quiz.

The answers are at the end as always, so good luck!

1. What Is Rachel's Middle Name?


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