The Hardest Schitt’s Creek Quiz On The Internet

Schitt's Creek: The Impossible Quiz!

Schitts Creek Alexis

2020 was a rough year for all of us – but for fans of great sitcom television, the troubles of 2020 were added further to by Schitt’s Creek coming to a close.

A hugely popular series whose audience and reach seemed to be forever expanding with each new season, it’s a little surprising to think that this CBC/Netflix offering only ran for six seasons. A six-season run is still an impressive feat, yet it’s also a relatively short run when compared to some of the other modern-day sitcoms that have managed ten seasons or more.

Still, for its six seasons and 80 episodes, Schitt’s Creek proved to be a phenomenal piece of sitcom TV. After the Rose family lose everything bar Schitt’s Creek – the small town they purchased as a joke – audiences got to be massively entertained as Johnny, Moira, David and Alexis adjusted to their new surroundings and their new lifestyle.

It may have now come to a close, but it was a hell of a run for Schitt’s Creek, with critical and fan praise joined by a multitude of awards across the series’ six-year lifespan.

Think you know Schitt’s Creek like the back of your hand? Now’s time to find out, as we’ve got the absolute HARDEST Schitt’s Creek you’ll find anywhere online.

1. Johnny Rose Used To Own What Business?


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