The Hardest Smallville Quiz On The Internet

You'll never 100% this Smallville quiz.


To this day, Smallville continues to have a special place in the heart of many a fan of genre television.

Detailing the younger days of Clark Kent and his ascension to eventually becoming the greatest of all superheroes, this ten-season show hit so many of the right beats and connected with a massive fan base throughout its run.

Even now, fans can be seen flocking to movies, to TV shows, to podcasts, to conventions and so much more purely to see one of Smallville’s stalwarts in action. Well, apart from that one name we won’t mention here.

Like so many shows with such rabid fans, there’s a whole bunch of people who like to think of themselves as the biggest Smallville brain on the block, with intensive knowledge of every scene, character, story arc assembled in a way that would make even Lex Luthor proud.

The bigger question here, of course, is whether or not you really are as big of a Smallville fan as you think. Here, we’ve got a quiz that will definitely separate the die-hard Braniacs from the more casual fans.

1. In Which Year Did Smallville Premiere?


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