The Mandalorian: 10 Most Insane Fan Theories

7. Grogu's Race Were Predators

The Mandalorian Ahsoka Grogu

Everybody thinks Grogu is cute, but two moments that left viewers feeling horrified were his obsession with eating the eggs of the Frog creatures in season 2 and his brutal devouring of a live frog in season 1. His tendency to eat living things sure does add a dark side to the adorable creature, and one theoriser believes those predatory instincts go deeper than simple humour.

This theory from u/TheOrdinaryCritic speculates that the Grogu/Yoda species once shared a planet with these Frog-like creatures and acted as their natural predators, eating them alive and their babies in the form of eggs as well. That's certainly a less-than-savoury look at Grogu's snack intake.

The theory expands to claim that the reason why Grogu's race seems to be so small is because of the dwindling population size of the Frog creatures, leading to a lack of supply for the predatory species to consume.

Of course, this theory has little legs to stand on, but the idea of Yoda and Grogu as ruthless predators is certainly an interesting image to picture.

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