The Mandalorian Season 2: 15 Easter Eggs, Secrets & References Explained

14. Ronto Roasters Reference

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If you went to Galaxy's Edge in the brief time that it was open before going to Disney Land became a very VERY terrible idea, you might have run across one of their many restaurants, Ronto Roasters.

The food there is delicious, like everything at Disney Land, but the thing I wanna focus on here is the prop they have at the heart of the restaurant, which is that of a droid "cooking" a meal for guests under the flame of a pod racer engine. It's a really cool, imaginative prop, indicative of the amount of love and creativity that went into every pore of this section of the park.

So of course, the park was eventually referenced right back by the media it's based on.

At the end of Din's adventures on Tatooine in the second season, we straight up see a droid doing the exact same cooking to a slab of Krayt Dragon meat against the fire of a pod racer. Most likely for the enjoyment of Peli Motto, since last I checked, Krayt Dragon meat isn't that healthy for droids to eat. On account of them not having mouths, ya see.


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