The OA: 9 Crazy Fan Theories That Might Actually Be True

8. Riz Ahmed's Character Put The Books In Prairie's Room

Netflix The OA Prarie Khatun

The most high-profile actor in The OA's first season was Riz Ahmed (The Night Of, Rogue One), so it was surprising to see him relegated to a relatively minor supporting role as The OA's therapist.

Although he works for the FBI, he comes across as being sympathetic to her and on her side in listening to the story, evidenced by being the only one to call her The OA. But what if there's more to him than meets the eye?

He appears in Prairie's house in the season finale, while the family are at a hotel, conveniently timed with the discovery of the books she was supposedly hiding. It's all a bit off, and the prevalent theory is that he planted the books there in order to discredit her story.

Why? Because he works for the FBI, who are aware of these 'angels' and are tracing alternate dimensions (they may even have worked with Hap), but don't want the story getting out.

This theory does hold a lot of water, because there's not really any other reason for Elias to be in Prairie's house. Similarly, her having the books herself doesn't make sense, because (as broken down here) Prairie is unlikely to be able to read English to such an advanced level.


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