The OA Season 2: 11 Big Questions After The New Trailer

11. Where Is Prairie?

The OA Brit Marling

The trailer opens with Prairie waking up in a hospital bed, which isn't too far removed from how Season 1 ended. Back in 2016, we were left with Praire in a stark white room, having been shot following the incident at the school.

It doesn't look like the same scene, though, and Prairie's certainly not in Kansas - or New York - anymore. She's crossed over into another dimension, but that still begs questions of where exactly she is. What dimension is this, and just how different is it? It's clear that Barrack Obama didn't exist, or at least didn't become President, but what else is new? If she's waking up in hospital, does that mean she still has the same gunshot wound? Or is she in hospital for a different reason?


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