The OA Season 2: What Does The Ending Really Mean?

12. Prairie And Hap Travelled To Our Dimension

The OA Prairie

During the big confrontation, Hap tells Prairie that he's taking her to a place where everyone calls her OA, but not herself. He says she will remember everything, but just won't believe it. Weird, right? But when they jumped, they actually travelled to our dimension.

We zoom out from Karim's rose window POV to see a television production set aka the set of The OA. Prairie is laid on the ground bleeding from her head in a stunt gone wrong and is referred to as "Brit" by the crew. Hap comes to her side too, gathering that he is Jason Isaacs.

Whilst these are the real names of the actors, the dimension isn't quite ours as Jason refers to Brit as his "wife" and the actors as we know them aren't actually married.

What Hap told her now makes sense! Prairie won't remember that's she's the OA because Hap will convince her she's just an actress and none of this is real. Her head injury will probably be his favour.


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