The Office: 10 MORE Insane Details You Definitely Missed

Everybody missed Jim's creepy doll of Roy hanging by his neck.

The Office insane detail

It truly is tough to fathom that the American version of The Office wrapped up its run more than eight years ago, though thanks to streaming it continues to live on as a comforting mainstay around the world.

It is a show beloved for its witty writing and straight-up iconic stable of characters, played impeccably by a huge ensemble cast. The Office is also noted for the mind-boggling attention-to-detail put into basically every single scene.

Rewards-a-plenty are always waiting for attentive audiences while watching the show, with most scenes packing in either sneaky visual gags or minor scripted details which end up paying off later.

And thanks to the extremely keen-eyed and dedicated fans over at both /r/DunderMifflin and /r/TVDetails, many of these incredible details continue to be brought to light to this very day.

Following up our previous article on The Office's most insane hidden details, here's another batch of incredibly sneaky gags you almost certainly never noticed.

And there's no doubt countless more details out there still waiting to be discovered, so be sure to keep your eyes open whenever you're next watching...

10. After Admiring David Wallace's Chair, Dwight Quietly Gets His Own

The Office insane detail

Few sitcoms have ever demonstrated as much long-form attention to detail as The Office, even when it comes to something as seemingly insignificant as a piece of furniture.

In the season three episode "Cocktails," Dwight (Rainn Wilson) attends the cocktail party at David Wallace's (Andy Buckley) house, ultimately taking it upon himself to inspect Wallace's home.

Dwight makes it clear he's incredibly fond of a rocking chair he stumbles across in the room of a young boy who is presumably Wallace's young son.

Without drawing any attention to it, season four's episode "Money" then reveals that Dwight now has an identical rocking chair on the porch of his home.

While it's fun to consider Dwight hatching a scheme where he stole the thing from Wallace's house, we'll assume he actually bought one.


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