The Office: 10 Most Hated Characters

The Office had some incredible characters, but some were just simply hateful.

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There aren't many TV show reboots or spin-offs that wind up more popular than the original show they were based on. The Office however, is quite possibly the most successful, and is most certainly the greatest ever American version of a UK show.

One of the biggest reasons for this is the characters. There aren't many like Michael Scott throughout the history of television, and he is perfectly complemented by the likes of Jim, Pam, Andy, and Creed. Even after he left near the end of season seven, Dwight was able to step up in a big way and keep the show from suffering a Simpsons-esque fall from grace.

However, this certainly doesn't mean that every character in the series is as loveable as the main core. There are some that are on completely the other end of the spectrum, and while fans couldn't say a bad word about most of the cast, there were some that couldn't have been more different.

Most of these hated characters were supporting at the best of times, with some appearing in only a handful of episodes. No matter how long they were in Scranton, for whatever reason, these ten characters just didn't click with audiences, whether they were meant to or not.

10. Karen Filippelli

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Michael Scott may have been the main character for the first seven seasons of The Office, but the biggest story throughout the entire series was Jim and Pam. Everyone wanted them to get together, but Pam was with Roy, and when she broke up with him, Jim went to Stamford to get away from her.

After a while, when the branches merged Jim came back, and even though Pam was available, he was now with Karen. For much of season three, she was the reason that Jim and Pam couldn't get together, and fans hated her for it.

In reality, this was wildly unfair because she actually did nothing wrong. She and Jim were both single, and they were a great fit for each other. The only problem was Pam, who was very clearly interested in Jim and who just about everyone watching was rooting for.

Karen was smart, funny, and she even became friends with Pam despite the weird situation. However, she found herself being hated simply because she wasn't Pam. No matter what she did, she couldn't win.

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