The Office: 10 Most Hated Characters

9. Deangelo Vickers

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For many people, The Office died when Michael Scott left, and the show should have finished as he boarded his plane to Colorado. However, the series continued on without him, and no matter who was brought in to replace him, they would have struggled to fill his shoes.

On paper, Will Ferrell should have been a great replacement for Steve Carrell, but something just didn't quite click. Whereas Michael Scott was endearing if not a little irritating sometimes, Deangelo was just purely irritating, and he failed to really show any redeeming qualities throughout his four episode stay in Scranton.

He was egotistical, he forced Andy to drink soap just for his own amusement, and he was completely sexist, allowing no women in his inner circle. He was given several moments to shine, but even these fell flat. Apparently fans of The Office had no time for juggling with no balls or eating cake with his hands.

Much like Karen and her inevitable comparisons to Pam, Deangelo was never going to be truly accepted because he wasn't Michael Scott. Even some likeable would have struggled, so Deangelo had no chance.

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