The Office: 10 Reasons It's The Funniest Show On TV

jim the office In 2005 NBC aired an American remake of Ricky Gervais' mockumentary The Office, and introduced the United States to one of the funniest tv shows ever. Despite several cast and staff changes The Office has managed to continuously delight audiences week after week in its Thursday night time slot. Though as the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end, and after nine years on the air The Office is fast approaching its final episode. After such a hefty run many shows begin to slip, losing that magic that made them so beloved to begin with. Not The Office though, the show is just as funny now as it was that faithful day in March when it first aired. And I have ten reasons to back that statement up.

10. Socially Awkward

The-Office-2 Few shows do socially awkward like The Office. Wait, scratch that, no show does socially awkward like The Office. The entirety of characters lack the basic social skills most human beings require to function in everyday life. Even the more normal seeming characters are lacking in the socially acceptable department. Take Jim for example, at first glance he appears to be a handsome, funny young man, but the truth of the matter is unless he€™s goofing around he€™s lost. Not everything in life is a joke, and Jim seems incapable of distinguishing when to be serious and when not to. Of course Jim€™s social awkwardness is small potatoes to someone like say Angela who€™s conservative ways cause her to melt down in most any situation that doesn€™t somehow involve cats. Every episode presents at least one moment of unacceptable social behavior where in at least one character embarrasses the heck out of themselves. This embarrassment is felt by the viewer, we know where it's going and we feel for the characters, but can€™t help but laugh out loud when they go in for the kiss, or toss a basketball at a fish tank making fool of themselves, and fans out of us.
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