The Office: 10 Weirdest Things Found In Dunder Mifflin

"It’s better to be hurt by someone you know accidentally, than by a stranger on purpose.”

The Office Creed

Viewers have been exposed to a hell of a lot of strange things in Dunder Mifflin across the course of nine seasons of The Office. And no, we're not just referring to the eccentric individuals who happen to work there.

Whether it be physical items, immersive experiences or colorful characters, the Scranton branch of everybody's favorite regional paper supply firm has seen more than its fair share of utterly weird material. With that being said, when a workforce is made up of a tapestry of such iconically unique personalities, it should come as no shock when the levels of bizarreness associated with the aforementioned material gets ramped up a few extra notches.

While some of the things in question number amongst the more well-known memorabilia associated with the beloved show itself, the perusing of various online fan forums reveals a litany of further wacky elements that may have gone missed by all but the most laser-focused of viewers even to this day. This becomes an even more jarring notion when one considers that the final episode of the legendary show debuted nearly ten years ago!

Without further ado, let us break down some of the weirder things found in Dunder Mifflin's Pennsylvania HQ over the years.

10. Kevin's Pencil

The Office Creed

Kevin Malone is good at many things.

Unfortunately for the employees of Dunder Mifflin, while spilling industrial amounts of home-made chilli on the office floor, wearing shoes made out of tissue-boxes and shoving incalculable amounts of M&Ms into his gob number amongst his many illustrious talents, accounting - the job he is employed to do - categorically does not.

This is hardly surprising when one considers (in addition to his overarching personality) Mr Malone's choice of office equipment for performing complex mathematical sums. In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, the man who brought the accounting world the Keleven is shown to be using a cartoonishly large red pencil in Season 1's Diversity Day. The sequence highlights just how terrible Kevin was at his job on second viewing as he circles figures in a ledger without actually looking at what he is doing.

Even for a man who regularly brought his own crayons to fancy restaurants, this obscure Easter Egg remains one of the single weirdest items ever seen on The Office. This is without even taking Kevin's "DON'T EAT THE YELLOW SNOW" warning poster and his cactus marked "REAL CACTUS. BE CAREFUL" into account.

Don't ask, don't tell.


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