The Office: 15 Insane Details You Definitely Missed

15. When Michael Dresses Up As Darryl, He Decides Against Blackface At The Last Minute

The Office Michael

In the episode "Costume Contest," Michael dresses up as Darryl in an attempt to mock him, donning his warehouse uniform and, for "good" measure, also an Afro-style wig.

But as an extremely well-sighted Redditor noticed, Michael actually planned to take his already dubiously-motivated costume to a deeply uncomfortable place.

On Michael's neck, you can see a faint black smudge, seeming to imply that he was initially going to wear blackface, but ultimately did the right thing by deciding against it.

It would've been the most Michael Scott thing ever, to not necessarily have any maliciously racist intent, but be painfully unaware of the wider context of wearing blackface.

Thankfully he took it no further than the Afro, which you can still argue is not a great look on his part.


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