The Office: 15 Insane Details You Definitely Missed

14. Pam & Jim's License Plate Is The Serial Number For Michael's Favourite Paper Clips

The Office Pam Jim

For proof of how equally obsessive The Office's production crew and fans have been over the years, look no further than this freaking ridiculous detail.

In the season 5 premiere episode "Weight Loss," Michael mentions to Pam that the office's replacement receptionist Ronni can't find the distinctive coloured paper clips that he loves so much.

A fan with way too much time on their hands eventually realised that Pam and Jim's license plate number, "CHD-0032," wasn't any old string of letters and numbers, but the model number of the very same coloured paper clips Michael was talking about. Seriously, check out this wholesaler listing for yourself.

What's more incredible - that someone in the show's crew actually went to the effort to have that license plate made, or that a fan actually bothered Googling the license plate and discovered the connection? Insane.

The Office Paper Clip
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