The Office Cast: Where Are They Now?

What became of The Office's various Dunder Miflin employees?


One of the great US sitcoms of modern years, The Office has as good a cast as any you could imagine. At first aspiring to ape the realism of the UK original, the show initially populated itself with relative unknowns or familiar actors who were yet to become household names, but as the show picked up steam it deepened its bench of talented comic performers.

The show ended in 2013, and the fates of its key contributors have varied significantly. Some have retreated back into semi-obscurity, nabbing bit parts here and there but ensuring that their claim to fame will forever remain this beloved NBC series.

Others have continued onwards and upwards, making the jump to the next great sitcom or changing career trajectories altogether, venturing into more serious work and awards recognition, breaking into movies, or hopping behind the camera.

All of these performers will forever be associated with their time at Dunder Mifflin, and that’s a pretty great legacy to have. But here’s what they’ve been up to since the conclusion of The Office’s ninth and final season.

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