The Office Quiz: Who Were Those Iconic Quotes Said To?

Sometimes we'll start a summary and we don't even know where it's going-


There are dozens upon dozens of television shows that have gained a certain notoriety for their quotables. From The Simpsons to Breaking Bad, Arrested Development to Seinfeld - there's a certain charm in a TV series having so many different clever or catchy one-liners or badass phrases to repeat or joke about with your friends. Hey, Friends is a good one too.

But when it comes to the peak of quotable television, many will tell you that The Office reigns supreme. While other shows may have a wider range of great lines, there's an undisputed king atop the mountain of instantly iconics, and his name is Michael Scott. This one character alone just might've produced more killer quotes than any other in TV history. And that's no disservice to his fellow office-mates, as every single character has had at least a few hilarious lines across the show's nine seasons (at least most of them).

With so many great moments to remember, and admittedly about half of the top tier quotes coming from Mr. Scott himself, how about we switch it up a little bit:

Can you remember who these quotes were said TO?

Answers at the end!

1. "I Am Beyonce, Always" - Michael


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