The Office: Threat Level Midnight Quiz

How well do you know Michael Scarn and his mission to save the Presidents sports arena?

Threat Level Midnight The Office

After being teased throughout the series, finally in season 7, episode 17 we got to see the unveiling of Michael Scott's cinematic masterpiece, Threat Level Midnight.

Detective Michael Scarn is Scott's FBI agent character, alongside his butler side-kick, out to stop his arch enemy Goldenface and his dastardly plan.

As with any Michael Scott project, he wouldn't be able to do it without the help of the rest of the office. He casts Jim as Goldenface, Andy as Bartender Billy and Darryl as the President of the United States, who may not be everyone he seems. There's plenty of roles for everyone thanks to the need for hostages and bar patrons.

This episode has it all; murder, ice skating and explosions. What more could you want from a Great Scott Production?!

Threat Level Midnight is a fan favourite but how much do you actually know Michael's debut movie? Do you know which Office employee played which character?

Find out whether you are running on ice when it comes to your Threat Level Midnight knowledge, or if there'll need be a clean up in the aisles?

1. What Does Michael Say After He Shoots The Assassin At The Start Of The Movie?


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