The Office US Or The Office UK Quiz: Who Said It - Michael Scott Or David Brent?

Was it the English or was it the Americans?

michael scott and david brent

The Office is often regarded as one of the greatest sitcoms, and while the argument usually applies to the American version of The Office, the British version (although relatively lesser-known) is also considered one of the most unique and iconic sitcoms ever to grace the television screens.

Released in 2001, BBC's experimental and ambitious The Office lasted just two seasons. Focusing on the menial day-to-day lives of ordinary office workers, it was a groundbreaking yet unique piece of art, and viewers could not catch its leash, at least at first.

In 2005, NBC took a stab at their own version of The Office, focusing on similar characters at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. The difference between The Office UK and The Office US was humour preference. And while there's room to appreciate both these masterpieces, the every office fan has to endure is The Office UK vs US debate.

And the most debated one out of these is the battle of "World's Best Boss". Does one prefer Steve Carell's lovable buffoonery as Michael Scott or Ricky Gervais' excruciatingly honest take on a mean-spirited boss who's puffed up on his own self-importance as David Brent?

Both characters are as legendary as their respective shows, and while fans pick favourites based on preference, it is undeniable that the two leading characters were full of iconic moments, relatable mishaps and the most quotable lines in the history of television.

Can you tell the difference between Michael Scott's words of wisdom and David Brent's rants?

1. “I’m Not Superstitious, But I Am A Little ‘Stitious.”


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