The Office US Quiz: Michael Scott - True Or False?

"Fool me once, strike one. Fool me twice, strike three."


There are very few TV shows whose second iteration, be it a reboot, spin-off or otherwise, is better than the first. The US Office is one of these shows. While the UK version spanned only 12 episodes, the US version lasted for nine seasons, and introduced us to the magic and wonder of Michael Scott.

The former Regional Branch Manager for Dunder Mifflin is a character like no other. His misplaced confidence in matters he knows absolutely nothing about and his wildly outdated references and humour entertained audiences for seven years.

While the character is certainly unforgettable, seven years is a long time to be on screens, and between seeing him first teach Jim how to close a sale, to seeing Pam chase him down at the airport for one last goodbye, we have learned so much about Michael Scott.

Some of the things he has said and done in this time would be simply unbelievable if audiences hadn't seen them with their own eyes. How much do you remember about the wacky antics of Michael Scott?

Answers at the end!

1. He Bought Himself A 'World's Best Boss' Mug.

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