The Originals: The HARDEST Klaus Quiz On The Internet

How well do you really know the original vampire hybrid, Klaus Mikaelson?

The Originals Klaus
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It’s often rare that any sort of spin-off show achieves even anywhere close to the success and popularity as the series that spawned it, yet The Originals is a show that managed to do just that.

Sure, it may not have got the eight seasons that The Vampire Diaries did, but this Vampire Diaries spin-off was given a solid and steady five years, totalling an impressive 92 episodes. More often than not, spin-off shows – not matter how much buzz they have around them – can be scrapped after just a couple of seasons, or even just a single, solitary year.

A great example of this is Joey. Friends is likely the most popular TV series ever, but Joey only managed two seasons before the axe swung. For The Originals, though, it framed Joseph Morgan’s Klaus Mikaelson as its lead and went on to have the sort of success that not even the most optimistic of Vampire Diaries fans could’ve dreamed of.

For those same die-hard fans, then, here’s the absolute toughest Klaus quiz you’ll find anywhere – and only the biggest of The Originals fans will dare to take a bite out of this one!

1. Who Is Klaus’ Biological Father?


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