The Punisher Season 2: 15 Easter Eggs & References Explained

Frank Castle channels his inner John Carpenter.

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The second - and probably final - season of Netflix's The Punisher is available to stream now, and the general critical consensus so far is that, like its predecessor, season two is a bit of a mixed bag.

Wildly overstuffed like basically every Marvel Netflix show, the season nevertheless delivered some of the franchise's most visceral action to date with a brilliant Jon Bernthal performance in the bargain.

Also like the first season, the new batch of episodes represents a decidedly more standalone offering than the other Netflix MCU shows, and as such there's a noticeably lesser number of Easter eggs and crowd-pleasing gags for fans to keep their eyes out for.

But there are certainly still plenty there, and after poring over the entire 12-hour season, these are the nods to comic lore and giddy references to pop-culture staples you absolutely need to keep your eyes and ears peeled for.

And now we all hold our breath for Netflix's inevitable cancellation of The Punisher in the coming days...

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