The Simpsons: 10 Awesome Things You Forgot Ever Happened

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The Simspsons

Even if you eat, drink, and sleep The Simpsons, there's no way you can remember every single thing that happened in the show. Considering Matt Groening's magnum opus has 700+ episodes, you're bound to forget a couple of things. If someone mentions the episode where Homer built a robot or the time the Simpsons got attacked by Godzilla, you'll need a moment to jog your memory.

Now, you're not expected to remember every throwaway gag or an episode that didn't have a lasting impact on the overall story. But there are some moments which viewers struggle to recall, even if they were hilarious, defining, or touching.

Fans are sure to know Homer's buffoonery drove his co-worker, Frank Grimes, to suicide. However, they may not recall Grimes' son tracked Homer down and tried to kill him. Fans might forget the time Homer made peace with his mother before she passed away. Even though the "Simpsons predicted the future" concept is pretty well-known, it's still astounding how accurate the beloved cartoon has been in hindsight.

Because of how hysterical or emotional these moments are, there is no reason why any true Simpsons fan should forget them.

10. Santa's Little Helper Reunited With His Mom - Way Of The Dog (s31e22)

The Simspsons
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The most common question asked about The Simpsons nowadays is, "How is it still on?" After all, it's no secret the show has dipped massively in quality 20 years ago. (Even the the Treehouse of Horrors, which were always a highlight, are garbage now.)

But every now and again, The Simpsons pulls out a blinder. The closer of Season 31, The Way of the Dog, dedicated an entire story to Santa's Little Helper. After the loveable mutt becomes increasingly agitated, the Simpsons family are informed that he's suffering from PTSD. After consulting a Dog Whisperer, the family resolve the pup's issues by having him reunite with his mother, She-Biscuit.

Not only is this a genuinely heartwarming story, it's surprisingly accurate at how dogs see the world very differently compared to human beings.

Considering The Simpsons has had a bajillion episodes, there's no question it struggles to find new ways to keep the characters interesting. (The show had a whole episode revolve around how Moe got his bar rag.) But The Way of the Dog proves the showrunners are still able to tug on the viewers' heartstrings.

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