The Simpsons: 10 Awesome Things You Forgot Ever Happened

9. Homer Made Peace With His Mom - Mona Leaves-A (s19e19)

The Simspsons
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After Homer's mother, Mona, infiltrated a biological facility owned by Mr Burns, she was put on the FBI's most wanted list, forcing her to go on the run. Although Homer assumed she was his dead, he learned the truth when his mom returned to Springfield. But when Burns tried to have her arrested, Mona was forced to leave Homer again, preventing them from rekindling their relationship.

Even though the pair reunited years later, Mona deserted Homer once more, intensifying Homer's abandonment issues. When she returned in the episode, Mona Leaves-A, Homer refused to embrace her, convinced it was only a matter of time before she left him.

When he tried to apologise for his behaviour, he discovered his mother had passed away in her sleep. Devastated that his last words to her were bitter and childish, Homer made amends by releasing her ashes into the wild, which was her final wish. Even though Homer never got the chance to say a proper goodbye to his mother, he was happy that she could finally stop running, now that she was at peace.

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