The Simpsons: 10 Best Episodes From Season 30 Onwards

The Simpsons gets a bad rep, but 20th Century Studios have stuck with Homer and co. for a reason.

20th Century Studios

There is no denying that modern Simpsons has its flaws. For example, the show has become over-reliant on songs - usually Homer attempting to describe a situation with a little ditty - and you often regret pausing to take in the background gags. However, it is still a strong show, combining the comfort of checking in with a long-term franchise, and gags from some of TV’s best and brightest writers.

The shows nostalgia works both in its favour and against it. The show has a fanbase who prize The Simpsons as god tier childhood TV. Even if they don’t set space aside every week to escape to Springfield, they will check-in and out. The negative impact of nostalgia is two-fold. Firstly, it spurs the reverence towards Golden Age Simpsons, which many associate with their childhood. Secondly, trying to appease these viewers is counterproductive to progress.

While The Simpsons of seasons past offer, for many of us, a time capsule of pop culture through which we can trace our lives, maybe it’s time to appreciate the present day show for what it is – a solidly written comedy and innovative animated show.

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