The Simpsons: 10 Best Nameless Characters

What's in a name? Blue Haired Lawyer, Just Stamp the Ticket Guy, and many more!

The Simpsons Blue Haired Lawyer

The Simpsons has dozens upon dozens of hilarious characters. It’s therefore only natural that the writers can’t put names to every single one of them.

Over the course of the show’s decades on air, you may be unaware that some of the series' erstwhile anonymous figures have been bestowed with names. Comic Book Guy is now Jeff Albertson. Squeaky Voiced Teen is Steve Friedman. And that sarcastic moustachioed guy? He's named Raphael.

Even so, there is still an abundance of nameless wonders that can rival the household names of the show.

This list looks at The Simpson’s best nameless characters, ranging from recognisable Springfield regulars, to characters that only feature in one single episode (and sometimes one solitary gag).

10. Radioactive Man Director

The Simpsons Blue Haired Lawyer

In the episode “Radioactive Man”, the big shots of Hollywood arrive in Springfield to film the superhero movie of the same name.

The showbiz elite are depicted throughout the world of The Simpsons as a group of prissy, pretentious, bourgeois snobs. The unnamed director of the Radioactive Man movie is the quintessential Simpsons Hollywood stereotype, a pompous artiste replete with ponytail and faux-British accent.

His grandiose ideas for the comic book flick include using real acid for a budget-blowing one-take action sequence, and shooting the “Jiminy Jillikers” sequence again and again from many different angles, much to Milhouse's despair.

During the auditions at the elementary school, he manages to be both cruel - twice dashing Bart’s dreams of playing Fall Out Boy - but also very fair, refusing to cast Martin (who he thinks is perfect for the part) because he hadn’t filled out his application like the other children.

His lax attitude towards health and safety sets up the episode's most famous line, as an acid-blasted Rainier Wolfcastle cries, “The goggles, they do nothing!”

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