The Simpsons: 10 Best Treehouse Of Horror Episodes

The Simpsons Coer Nothing screams Halloween like a television special! There's just something colossally amazing about combining this eerily entertaining holiday with our favorite primetime stars, and none have done it better than the Simpsons. In October, 1990 everyone's favorite yellow family had their first creepy caper in what would go on to become an annual treat. Though it's true that beyond a certain point the series - and consequently the specials - began to decline in appeal, the Simpsons will forever remain an integral part of Halloween tv history. What makes the specials so great outside of putting beloved characters in amusing scenarios is the cleverness built into each story. The jokes are funny as only the Simpsons can make them and parody the best of what sci-fi and horror have had to offer over the years. Many of the early episodes featured wraparounds that tied each story together and the series was never afraid to tread on dangerous ground to deliver the chills and thrills. The Simpsons make an already fun holiday even more amazing and for that reason alone we honor Matt Groening and his revered series with this countdown. Click next to begin but before you do check out a few of the honorable mentions. These segments were great as standalone entries but unfortunately were grouped with some that failed to raise the bar and made their special less than deserving of enduring remembrance. --> -->

Honorable Mentions

3. I've Grown A Costume On Your Face

The final entry in Treehouse of Horror XVI features the one Halloween trope that continues to be used as time goes on. The idea of becoming the costume you're wearing is an incredibly fun one, as the imagination behind it is what makes Halloween so great in the first place. Unfortunately, this wonderful segment had to follow two rather bland ones which didn't give ToH XVI enough pizazz to make our list.

2. The Island Of Dr. Hibbert

In a parody of the Island of Dr. Moreau - a true classic for those of you who are unaware - the Simpsons take a well-deserved vacation to an island shaped like a skull. Weird things begin to transpire and our favorite family learns to embrace their wild side as Dr. Hibbert uses the denizens of the island for his ghoulish experiments. This segment has everything that makes a good parody great, but was paired with two forgettable stories making ToH XIII rather forgettable as a whole.

1. It's The Grand Pumpkin, Milhouse!

Treehouse of Horror XIX features one of the best Halloween parodies of all putting a sinisterly hilarious spin on the classic Peanuts tale. It featured everything one could desire from a Treehouse of Horror segment. It was clever, well-written, featured some gruesome moments and a delectable twist all the while actually centering on a Halloween theme. Like the other honorable mentions this worth-watching story was watered down with two none-so-deserving entries and was therefore kept from the top ten.

Don't let the idea of six poor stories keep you from enjoying any of these honorable mentions. Each can hold their own and are worth checking out.

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