The Simpsons: 10 More Moments More Important Than You Realised

Even more tiny moments that changed the course of Springfield history.

The Simpsons Maude Flanders

The Simpsons is a show so massive in every conceivable way that you could make an entire list based on the tiny, seemingly insignificant details that helped shape its progress.

In fact, we already did that. But one just wasn't enough.

So, we've channelled our inner Spingfielder to once again get down to the nitty gritty of Matt Groening's most famous creations.

With 740 episodes on the clock (and counting), it's no surprise that we've found even more details that are far more interesting and important than they first appear.

Plot points, background gags, character motivations, outlandish fan theories - this list has them all! And every single one of them flew under most fans' radars when they first appeared on the show.

As The Simpsons shows no signs of winding down any time soon, maybe these moments could become even more important going forward. Maybe we could be here making sequels to this list until the sun explodes!

For now though, let's just limit ourselves to these ten moments right here and revel in the marvellously sprawling world of Homer and his family.

10. Homer Owns The Denver Broncos

The Simpsons Maude Flanders
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In our previous list on this topic, we discussed the idea that Homer is able to fund his family's eccentric lifestyle through royalty cheques from his days in The Be Sharps.

It's a fanciful theory for sure, but if that crazy idea doesn't suit you, how about this one involving an NFL franchise.

In the much-praised Season 8 episode You Only Move Twice, Homer receives a gift from his former boss - the megalomaniacal supervillain Hank Scorpio.

After Homer inadvertently assisted Scorpio in his quest for world domination, the mega-rich nutjob decided to splash some cash and buy his former employee the Denver Broncos.

This comes after a conversation where Homer revealed to Scorpio that his dream was to one day own the Dallas Cowboys. Well, you've gotta start somewhere I suppose.

Many Simpsons fans online have suggested that this might be another source of income for the family. Owning a football team would rake in some serious coin and the Broncos have only gotten better since You Only Move Twice was released.

It turns out Hank was a nice guy after all. Well, if you discount all the people he murdered in cold blood.

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