The Simpsons: 10 Worst Episodes Ever

9. The Musk Who Fell To Earth

Simpsons Every Man’s Dream

Elon Musk's arrival in Springfield heralded twenty-two minutes of creative brown nosing from the team. Landing in the Simpsons' back yard, Musk is in town to save the world and decides to update the power plant. It was as if writer Neil Campbell had encountered Musk at one of his techno talks, taken to worshipping him and then gone wild with the fact Musk might've been a fan of the show.

While this was a ratings success for the twenty-sixth season, it was a flop in the quality department for both critics and audiences. Released at the height of Musk's popularity back in 2015, he made for an effective advertising tool in the week leading up to the episode's debut. Executive producer Al Jean claimed the episode was not intended as a "kiss-ass" guest appearance. Other than some minor jokes over Musk's prominent ego, one can't help but feel they failed their intention.

Musk isn’t a particularly worthwhile comedic figure here, making his show takeover all the more incongruous. The scenes with Mr Burns serve as a reminder of the comedic value the actual supporting cast can offer. Musk's strange superhero ending leaves him in the vast emptiness of space, let's hope he stays there; this episode needs no sequel.

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