The Simpsons: 8 Recent Big Moments You Might Have Missed

The show is still occasionally worth watching.

The Simpsons Smithers Kiss

There are very few shows that can boast the same brilliance, the longevity, or the cultural impact The Simpsons can. It has been consistently on TV since 1989, and even those who have never took an interest in the show know who Homer Simpson is.

The pop culture icon however, is almost as famous for its decline over the years as for when it was at its best. Depending on who you ask, the Golden Age of the show ended somewhere between seasons 8 and 10, with the quality of the subsequent years never really being able to live up to when it was at its best.

Even in spite of this however, with many fans choosing to leave the show behind, The Simpsons has kept ticking on. Currently airing its 33rd season, with a 34th already guaranteed to follow, there is a lot that has happened over the last few years that most people may have missed.

Yes, the majority of recent episodes are nothing to write home about, but occasionally there are big moments that deserve to be seen and appreciated, or at least acknowledged more so than they have been. Not all of them positive, however...

8. The Worst Episode Since 'Lisa Goes Gaga'

The Simpsons Smithers Kiss
20th Century

There can be no question that season 23's 'Lisa Goes Gaga' is the worst episode The Simpsons has ever produced. The quality of the show has been on a steep decline for over two decades now, but nothing has ever been close to how bad this episode is, until recently.

By the time season 33 premiered earlier in 2021, most fans of the show were in agreement that it should have ended long ago, and the opening episode only cemented this opinion. 'The Star Of The Backstage' has earned a putrid 4.4 rating on IMDb, just 0.5 better than the infamous Gaga episode.

Musical episodes are rarely ever the greatest idea, and this was no different. Paired with the fact that Marge and Homer's formative years were retconned yet again to take place in the 2000s, this was the worst received episode of The Simpsons in years.

The show's fall from grace is infamous, and one of the worst in the history of TV, but no matter how bad you thought it was, you won't have seen the full extent if you haven't watched the season 33 opener. However, this latest season hasn't been all bad...


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