The Simpsons: Every Sideshow Bob Episode Ranked Worst To Best

14. Bobby, It's Cold Outside (Season 31, Episode 10)

The Simpsons Cape Feare

The most recent episode to feature Sideshow Bob in a major role, season thirty-one's Bobby, It's Cold Outside finds the attempted murderer working as a mall Santa and thrust into action by a thief stealing Christmas presents around town.

More of an ensemble episode about the people of Springfield than your standard Bob misadventure, this late-run special takes a risk by making Bob an all-round hero rather than a vengeful master criminal.

Unfortunately, this doesn't entirely pay off, as Bob spends the entire episode feeling distractingly neutered and unengaging.

Without any of his typical schemes, and complete with an ending that hints he's finally relinquished himself of his evil ways, the episode feels noticeably hollow. The rest is enjoyable Christmas fluff, mind, making it clear it probably would've benefitted from not featuring Sideshow Bob at all.


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