The Simpsons Quotes Quiz: Homer Simpson - Can You Finish The Line?

He's the stumbling, bumbling Simpson with the stomach that's always rumbling!


Animated television shows are timeless and contrary to many parents when growing up, not just for children either! These shows often fall under the name of 'cartoons' which does seem more suited for the viewing of a younger audience, but the OG of animated television series, The Simpsons, proves that wrong.

Whilst coming across with a friendly and easy on the eye imagery, the show does appeal to a younger audience with regular slapstick style humour and often centering around kids and their interests. But just as it does that it also has another side to it, with the dry and sarcastic, often in your face, approach to current issues and events going on in the world which are understood better by a mature audience.

The personification of this is the patriarch of the Simpsons family as the character of Homer, ironically named considering he is more of a tragedy than a brilliant mind that wrote them. Can you finish the following quotes from him?

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Answers at the end!

1. What's The Point Of Going Out?...


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