The Toughest Schitt’s Creek Quiz: You’ll Never 100%

The impossible Schitt's Creek quiz. How well do you know the Rose family and their companions?

Schitt's Creek Alexis

Like the rest of the world, 2020 was a rough time for the entertainment industry. In amongst movies and TV shows being cancelled, delayed or left in limbo, one show that sadly called time on its run was the phenomenal Schitt’s Creek.

Unlike other series, the end of Schitt’s Creek wasn’t brought about because of how 2020 played out, with the show actually lasting longer than creator Dan Levy had initially intended. Levy had mapped the series out to be a five-season offering, but he agreed to extend the show to six seasons when offered a two-year renewal after Season Four had concluded.

Throughout those six seasons, Schitt’s Creek consistently impressed across its 80 episodes, cementing itself as one of the truly great modern-day sitcoms that covered far more ground and subjects than so many of its peers.

Whether you watched Schitt’s Creek from the get-go or you became familiar with the show when it landed on Netflix after its third season, here’s a Schitt’s Creek quiz so tough that only the most passionate fans of the series will get anywhere even close to 100%!

1. Johnny Originally Purchased Schitt’s Creek To Build A Rose Video Megastore There.


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