The US Office: 10 Worst Episodes

Well, well. How the turn tables...

The Office Worst Episode

The US Office: it's been an unforgettable ride with one or two twists and turns but ultimately left us all satisfied with big smiles on our faces when it finally came to an end. BOOM! THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!

This hilarious comedy series starring the likes of Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson and Jenna Fischer, racked up a total of 9 seasons, 201 episodes and a running time of over 4,020 minutes (that's like watching Die Hard 31 times). From 2005 to 2013, the lovable idiots from Scranton (The Electric City!) delivered some of the funniest moments in TV from the last 15 years and is undoubtedly the greatest mockumentary series ever made (sorry Parks and Rec, but it was a close call).

Despite the series' legendary status, it's only natural that in 201 episodes, a few of them ended up like Toby Flenderson: pointless, frustrating and just plain dull. This list will take a closer look at the times the series dipped post-Carrel, the bottle episodes that were painfully slow paced and the time that a once hilarious recurring guest star turned into a bigger annoyance than Jan's singing voice.

So grab a tasty beet to snack on, put on the sweet tunes of Here Comes Treble and read on for the times The US Office fell short of its own staggeringly high bar.

10. Mafia - Season 6 Episode 6

The Office Worst Episode

Mike Starr guest stars as an overly zealous insurance salesman trying to convince Michael to take him up on his offers. Despite Michael's disinterest, Andy and Dwight urge him to reconsider his stance as the salesman, Angelo Grotti, looks and sounds like a member from the Gotti crime family. With Jim and Pam being away, Oscar is the only voice of reason and tries to reach them on their honeymoon but to no avail. Swept away by Andy and Dwight's fantasies, Michael treads carefully as they try to figure out if Grotti is indeed a gangster.

What sucks: It doesn't help that this episode came immediately after the iconic Niagara episode where Jim and Pam get married. If Niagara is the wedding celebration then Mafia is definitely the resulting hangover as this joke follows a weak plot for too long. The three stooges feel to Michael, Dwight and Andy gets old fast and reminds us that the balance of straight characters and wacky ones is what makes this show great.

What doesn't suck: Kevin uses Jim's office as his own designated farting space and accidentally cancels Jim's credit card. Also Mike Starr's performance as a supposed gangster is spot on.

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