The Vampire Diaries: Progressively Harder Stefan Salvatore Quiz

Only the biggest of Vampire Diaries fans would dare take a bite out of this quiz!

Stefan The Vampire Diaries
The CW

The past decade or two have been a great time to be a fan of genre television.

While so much of that genre TV landscape has been dominated by superhero shows pulling inspiration from the worlds of Marvel Comics, DC Comics and beyond, there’s also been some devilishly delightful horror-laced series served up to audiences.

On that horror front, The Walking Dead has obviously been a powerhouse performer, and another similar big hitter was the blood-sucking antics of The Vampire Diaries. Unlike The Walking Dead, though, The Vampire Diaries has already come to an end – but that eight-season run won a whole host of fans during its time on our screens.

Of the characters leading the charge in The Vampire Diaries, so often it was cured vampire brothers Stefan and Damon Salvatore. Across those eight seasons, with the action spread across so many different time periods, the Salvatore brothers went from enemies, to friends, to enemies, to who knows what by the time the show rolled to a close.

Homing in on the younger of these siblings here, then, only the biggest of Vampire Diaries fans would dare take a bite out of this progressively hardest Stefan Salvatore quiz!

1. What Is Stefan’s Star Sign?


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