The Walking Dead: 10 Amazing Lesser-Known Fan Theories


It ain't over until the fat walker groans, but the end of the world is swiftly coming into full view. The difference from the very first to the latest episode of The Walking Dead is immense, and as the world tears itself apart, the challenges are only going to get tougher for Rick and the survivors. One of the most intriguing aspects to the entire show is that there's no real idea how the show will come to a definitive conclusion. While the comic book series does stretch into the future, there's still no end-game, no conclusion, and limitless opportunities left to explore.

But what can fans actually expect? Sift through the thousands of ideas and you€™ll uncover theories hinting at inter-galactic warfare, biblical prophecy coming to life, and a master-race of evolved, civilised zombies. If creator Robert Kirkman opts for any of them, he€™ll obliterate the internet.

There are theories around the internet that delve into every aspect of the show, from feasibly rational to off-the-wall ludicrous, from generally-accepted to lesser-known, but we'll just have to wait and see what is in store as the show progresses...

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