The Walking Dead: 10 Characters Most Likely To Die In Season 10

Who's next: Crossbow Guy? Baseball Bat Man? Someone less important to the plot?

Negan Walking Dead

Maybe it was Lori or Shane for you, if you were an early drop out. For some viewers, it was the gruesome demises of Andrea and Hershel which blew them away, whilst even the hardiest fans of AMC’s uber-bleak post-apocalyptic drama The Walking Dead had to admit they didn’t see the eventual death of moody teenager/ eventual zombie chum Carl coming.

Oh, er, spoilers, for The Walking Dead so far. Obviously. It’s an article about who will die next!

Whichever death threw you the most, there’s no denying that the hugely successful adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s long-running comic series of the same name is relentless and unsparing in its habit of offing characters both major and minor. The show positively delights in shocking the audience with gleeful gore, as seen by the creator’s teasing refusal to reveal which character would be killed off in the seventh season’s shocking first episode.

Hell, there may be no better example of the show’s mercilessness than the fact that we had to reschedule this article when last week’s episode killed off not one, but two of the characters who we guessed might grace the chopping block sometime this season.

With that in mind, let’s tun down the (revised) list of who might make it out alive, and who is destined to become the eponymous scourge before their screen time ends.


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